Innumeracy: Definition: Incompetence with numbers. Illiteracy: Definition: Incompetence with words.

Why, you may ask, have I listed these two definitions? Because now, more than ever, as last night’s presidential debate illustrated, America has become an innumerate, as opposed to illiterate, nation. If you ask the average American, as well as…

There is a pitched battle going on in America, but it is not being fought with guns and tanks and planes. Instead it’s being waged with words, political policies, tax breaks, non-discretionary spending, and most importantly the hearts and minds of everyday Americans.

On one side is the Democratic Party…


Mets manager Carlos Beltran

Since news broke approximately two months ago that the Houston Astros used video cameras to steal opposing teams’ pitching signs at Minute Maid Park in Houston during the 2017 season, the dominos have continued to fall.

Major League Baseball suspended General Manager Jeff Luhnow and Manager…

By now everyone knows the sordid saga of former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown, the uber talented yet notoriously mercurial player.

Brown signed with the Oakland Raiders as a free agent during the NFL offseason, after some acrimony in Pittsburgh, and Raiders fans were excited to see Brown catch passes for their team on Sundays.

But almost immediately problems began to emerge. Brown injured his feet by stepping into a cryogenic relaxation chamber without the proper footwear. The Raiders were not happy.

Then Brown demanded to wear his own personal football helmet, which the NFL had retired from service earlier because it wasn’t safe for…

Charles Tanzer

Publisher of Gen X Chronicle

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